ReadingPointer — Reader Mode meets Speed Reading.

Reading Pointer

Reader Mode meets Speed Reading.


ReadingPointer simulates the speed reading technique called Meta Guiding. Meta guiding involves visually guiding your eye using some sort of pointer (finger, pen or this ReadingPointer app) in order for the eye to move faster along the length of a passage of text.
The point is to decrease distraction and focus on the specific words to increase your reading speed. Try to keep moving your pointer slightly faster than your comfort zone to increase the reading speed.
Reading Mode: distraction-free and ad-blocking reading viewer focusing on main content. Theme customization and dark mode theme support!


Distraction-free & ad-blocking reader mode
Theme customization
Deletion of unwanted elements on reader mode
Dark Mode
Auto open reader mode when access a url
Meta Guiding speed reading simulation
Auto start speed reading when open reader mode
Pointer customization